A unique perspective, perfect for wildlife photographers & enthusiasts

Bawdsey Hall offers many unique wildlife experiences for photographers and enthusiasts. Throughout the grounds, hidden just off the main paths are several different hides, designed to help you blend in with your surroundings and observe nature from a very unique perspective. Each hide has been built within different areas of the reserve and around all sorts of different habitats to give people the chance of spotting something different from each and every one.

Our main hide and undoubtedly our most popular is located at the end of the lawn. This hide is surrounded by photography possibilities and is known for being one of the best places to capture Badger and Owl activity. Bawdsey Hall is well known for our resident Badgers and Owls that you can enjoy watching from the terrace and even the comfort of your own bedroom, but this hide allows you to get even closer to the action and offers a very unique view, perfect for wildlife photographers.

The hide is regularly visited by Badgers, Owls, Buzzards, Muntjac, Squirrels and many different types of birds. To find out more about the different hides we offer and what has been spotted from each, take a look at our interactive hide map bellow!

We have also worked with a number of schools, offering bespoke services to fit with curriculum areas being studied. For further information and to book your time in the hides, please contact us directly. 

Interactive Hide Explorer - Coming soon…